Treaty with the Wheelappa Band of the Chinook, 1851




Alternative Title

Treaty with the Wheelappa Band of the Chinook, 1851

August 9, 1851

Articles of a treaty made and concluded at Tansey Point, near Clatsop Plains, this ninth day of August, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, between Anson Dart, superintendent of Indian affairs, Henry H. Spalding, Indian agent, and Josiah L. Parrish, Indian subagent, on the part of the United States, of the one part, and the undersigned chiefs or headmen of the Wheeelappa band of the Chinook Indians, of the other.

Article 1.

The said Wheelappa band of Indians hereby cede to the United States all the land owned or claimed by the said band. The land intended to be hereby ceded is bounded on the north by lands owned by the Cheehales tribe of Indians, on the east by lands of the Cowlitz band of Indians, on the south by lands of the Waukikum and lower bands of Chinooks and on the west by the ocean and Shoalwater Bay.

Art. 2.

The above cession is made with the express understanding that the land shall be reserved for the exclusive use of the Chinook tribes or bands and the Cheehales tribe of Indians, provided the majority of them shall consent to give up their reserved rights to the lands they now occupy and remove to the lands ceded in article first of this treaty.

Art. 3.

It is hereby agreed on the part of the United States that they shall establish an agency, a manual-labor school, blacksmith-shop, farming establishment, &c., at some point on the lands above ceded, provided the above-mentioned Indians consent to congregate upon said lands and “give up their reserved rights,” as named in article two of this treaty within one year after the ratification of this treaty by the President and Senate of the United States.

ART. 4.

In consideration of the cession made in the first article of this treaty, the United States agree to pay to the said Wheelappa Indians an annuity of five hundred dollars for ten years, in. the following manner, viz: one hundred and fifty dollars in money, twenty-five blankets, four woolen coats, four pairs pants, four vests, four pairs men shoes and ten pairs women's shoes, ten shirts, sixty yards linsey plaid, one hundred yards calico, one hundred yards brown muslin, eight blanket shawls, fifty pounds soap, twenty pounds tea, one hundred pounds sugar eight sacks flour, live brass kettles (eight-quart), five ten-quart tin pails, five ten-quart tin pans. The above articles are to be of good quality, and delivered at Tansey Point aforesaid; one hundred dollars of the money to be used for educational purposes, provided the conditions of articles second and third of this treaty are complied with.

ART. 5.

There shall be perpetual peace and friendship between all the citizens of the United States and all the individuals composing said Wheelappa band of Indians.

ART. 6.

The cession made in article first is intended to embrace the land formerly owned by the Quillequeoqua band of Indians, of whom only one man remains, Mowaast who is a signer of this treaty.

ART. 7.

This agreement shall be binding and obligatory upon the contracting parties as soon as the same shall be ratified and confirmed by the President and Senate of the United States.

In testimony whereof the said Anson Dart, superintendent, Henry H. Spalding, agent, and Josiah L. Parrish, subagent, and the said chiefs or headmen of the Wheelappa and Quillequeoqua Indians have hereunto set their hands and seals at the time and place first herein above written.




MOWAAST, his x mark. [SEAL.]
TOSETUM, his x mark. [SEAL.]
PAHANOO, his x mark. [SEAL.]
ALAPAST, his x mark. [SEAL.]

Signed, sealed, and witnessed in presence of—

Nicholas DuBois,

W. W. Raymond,

R. Shortess,
Acting Sub-Agent.