Treaty with the Shoshone, 1864




Alternative Title

Treaty with the Shoshone, 1864

Caleb Lyon of Lyonsdale, Governor and ex Officio Superintendent of Indian affairs, for the Territory of Idaho on behalf of the U.S.A. and we the chief and head men of the Boise Sho-Sho-nee Nation of Indians belonging too and occupying the Boise valley Solemnly agree to this treaty of amity and eternal friendship between them and the Government of the United States.

That we Sam-to-me-co, Ohi-ten-tii, Pe-et-se-cotose, Ship-it-see, Sa-ra-ga, the chief and head men of the Boise and Sho-Sho-nees-Release all right, title, and interest, to all lands (30) Thirty miles on each side of the Boise River and to all the Country drained by the Tributaries of the Boise River from its mouth to its Source except, so much as the Government of the U.S. shall deem proper to set apart as a reservation or any other location that may be set apart for our use, with the right of equally sharing the Fisheries of said river with the Citizens of the U.S. Provided, that the U.S. will make the same provisions for our welfare that the U.S. have made with the most favored Tribes with whom it has Indian treaties. That we also agree to deliver all murderers, Horse thieves, and violators of the laws of the United States for trial.

To which we affix our hands and seals.

Done at Boise City this 10th of Oct. 1864.

Caleb Lyon of Lyonsdale,
Gov. & ex Officio Indian Affairs