Treaty with the Nez Perce, 1858




Treaty with the Nez Perce, 1858


It is agreed that there shall be perpetual peace between the United States and the Nez Percés tribe.

ART. 2.

In the event of war between the United States and any other people whatever, the Nez Percés agree to aid the United States with men to the extent of their ability.

ART. 3.

In the event of war between the Nez Percés and any other tribe, the United States agree to aid the Nez Percés with troops.

ART. 4.

When the Nez Percés take part with the United States in war, they shall be furnished with such arms, ammunition, provisions, &c., as may be necessary.

ART. 5.

When the United States take part with the Nez Percés in war, they (the United States) will not require the Nez Percés to furnish anything for the troops, unless paid for at a fair price.

ART. 6.

Should any misunderstanding arise hereafter between the troops and the Nez Percés, it shall be settled by their respective chiefs in friendly council.

Alayana (and thirty-eight other chiefs.)

G. Wright,
Colonel 9th Infantry, Commanding.


G. F. Hammond,
Assistant Surgeon, U.S.A.,
and five other officers of the command.

Headquarters United States Troops,
Camp in the Walla-Walla Valley, August 6, 1858.