Treaty with the Lower Band of the Tillamook, 1851




Alternative Title

Treaty with the Lower Band of the Tillamook, 1851

Articles of a treaty made and concluded at Tansey Point, on the Columbia River, near Clatsop Plains, this seventh day of August, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, between Anson Dart, superintendent of Indian affairs, Henry H. Spalding, Indian agent, and Josiah L. Parrish, Indian subagent, on the part of the United States of the one part, and the undersigned chiefs and head-men of the Tillamook tribe of Indians, of the other part.


The said Tillamook tribe of Indians hereby cede to the United States the tract of land included within the following boundaries, viz: beginning at the point of rocks claimed as the southwestern corner of lands lately owned by the Naalem band of Tillamooks, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean; running thence southerlv along said coast to the south side of the first headland north of the Neastocka River; thence east to the summit of the Cost range of mountains; thence northerly, along the summit of said range to the southern boundary of land lately claimed by said Naalem band; thence westerly following their said southern boundary to the place of beginning. The above-described land being all that is claimed by the said tribe of Tillamook Indians.

ART. 2.

The said tribe reserve to themselves the privilege of occupying for the purpose of fishing, two small spots of ground sufficient for building their houses upon and for their horses to graze upon; one to be at the mouth and on the western side of the Neehurst River, the other near the headwaters of the Latinsh River.

ART. 3.

In consideration of the cession made in the foregoing articles of this treaty, the United States agree to pay to the said tribe of Tillamook Indians ten thousand five hundred dollars, in annual payments of one thousand and fifty dollars, to be made in money and the following articles, viz: one hundred and fifty dollars in money, thirty blankets, twenty woolen coats, forty shirts, thirty pairs shoes, twenty caps, twenty pairs pants, twenty vests, one hundred yards calico, ten shawls, fifteen bags flour, one hundred pounds tobacco, one hundred and fifty pounds soap, two hundred pounds sugar, ten ten-quart tin kettles, ten eight-quart pans, six frying-pans, one barrel salt, six hoes, six axes, ten pounds tea, one barrel molasses, tea knives, one keg powder, one keg powder, one hundred pounds shot. All of the above articles to be of good quality, and to be delivered from year to year at Tansey Point aforesaid and distributed to the heads of families belonging to said tribe.

ART. 4.

There shall be perpetual peace and friendship between all the citizens of the United States of America, and all the individuals composing said Tillamook tribe of Indians.

ART. 5.

This treaty shall take effect and be obligatory on the contracting parties as soon as the same shall be ratified by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof.

In testimony whereof the said Anson Dart, superintendent, Henry H. Spalding, agent, and Josiah L. Parrish, subagent, aforesaid, and the chiefs and head-men of the said Tillamook tribe of Indians, have hereunto set their hands and seals at the time and place first herein above written.




JIM, his x mark. [SEAL.]
CHARLEY, his x mark. [SEAL.]
WILSON, his x mark. [SEAL.]
WALLOCKUS, his x mark. [SEAL.]
CAHWICHAS, his x mark. [SEAL.]
YAHCONQUON, his x mark. [SEAL.]
SHESHEE, his x mark. [SEAL.]
SYKUE, his x mark. [SEAL.]
YULCASAWITTA, his x mark. [SEAL.]

Signed, sealed, and witnessed, in the presence of—

Nicholas Du Bois, Secretary.
W. W. Raymond, Interpreter.
S. H. Smith.