Treaty with the Lower Band of the Chinook, 1851




Alternative Title

Treaty with the Lower Band of the Chinook, 1851

August 9, 1851

Articles of a treaty made and concluded at Tansey Point, near Clatsop Plains, this ninth day of August, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, between Anson Dart, superintendent of Indian affairs, Henry H. Spalding, Indian agent, and Josiah L. Parrish, Indian subagent, on the part of the United States of the one part, and the undersigned, chiefs and headmen of the lower bond of the Chinook Indians, of the other part.


The said lower band of the Chinook Indians hereby cede to the United States the tract of land included within the following boundaries, to wit: beginning at the mouth of a certain stream entering Gray’s Bay on the north side of the Columbia River, which stream forms the western boundary of lands ceded to the United States by the Wankikum band of Chinooks; running thence northerly on said western boundary to lands of the Wheelappa band of Indians; thence westerly along said lands of the Wheelappa band of the Shoalwater Bay; thence southerly and easterly following the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the northern shore of the Columbia to the place of beginning. The above description is intended to embrace all the land owned or claimed by said lower band of Chinook Indians,

ART. 2.

The said lower band of Chinook Indians reserve the privilege of occupying the grounds they now occupy, for the purpose of building, fishing, and grazing their stock, with the right to cut timber for their own building purposes and for fuel: also the right to pick cranberries on the marshes, and the right to cultivate as much land as they wish for their own purposes. No white man shall be allowed to interfere with their rights; and it is hereby agreed that a white man named Washington Hall shall be removed from the land above ceded. The reservations in this article shall continue during the lives of the Indians who sign this treaty.

ART. 3.

In consideration of the cession made in the first article of this treaty, the United States agree to pay the said lower band of Chinooks an annuity of two thousand dollars for ten years in the following manner, to wit: four hundred dollars in money, fifty blankets, thirty woolen coats, thirty pairs pants, thirty vests, fifty shirts, fifty pairs shoes, one hundred and fifty yards linsey plaid, two hundred and fifty yards calico, two hundred and fifty yards shirting, twenty blanket shawls, three hundred pounds soap, three barrels salt, fifty bags flour, three hundred pounds tobacco, twenty hoes, tem axes, thirty knives, seventy cotton handkerchiefs, two barrels molasses, four hundred pounds sugar, thirty pounds tea, ten eight-quart brass kettles, fifteen ten-quart tin pails, thirty pit cups, thirty six-quart pans, thirty caps, one keg powder; all the above to be of good quality, and delivered at Tansey Point aforesaid.

ART. 4.

There shall be perpetual peace and friendship between all the citizens of the United States of America and all the individuals composing the said lowe band of Chinook Indians.

ART. 5.

This agreement shall be binding and obligatory upon the contracting parties as soon as the same shall be ratified and confirmed by the President and Senate of the United States.

In testimony whereof the said Anson Dart, superintendent, Henry H. Spalding, agent, and Josiah L. Parrish, subagent aforesaid, and the said chiefs and headmen of the lower band of the Chinook tribe of Indians, have hereunto set their hands and seals at the time and place first herein above written.

ANSON DART, [seal.]

H. H. SPALDING,[seal.]


CUMCUMLEY, his x mark. [seal.]
KULCHUTE, his x mark. [seal.]
AHMOOSAMOOSE, his x mark. [seal.]
QUEWISH, his x mark. [seal.]
SELAHWISH, his x mark. [seal.]
WAHKUCK, his x mark. [seal.]
CHAKINPON, his x mark. [seal.]
HUCKSWELT, his x mark. [seal.]
KAHLUCKMUCH, his x mark. [seal.]
SCHOO, his x mark. [seal.]
TYCHAWIN, his x mark. [seal.]
NARCOTTA, his x mark. [seal.]
YAHMANTS, his x mark. [seal.]
KAASE, his x mark. [seal.]
WAHQUEON, his x mark. [seal.]
SEEKUMTYEE, his x mark. [seal.]
KAHDOCK, his x mark. [seal.]
YAHWISH, his x mark. [seal.]
ELASPAH, his x mark. [seal.]
CHACOLITCH, his x mark. [seal.]

Signed, sealed, and witnessed in presence of—

Nicholas DuBois,

W. W. Raymond,

R. Shortess,
Acting Sub-Agent.

L. H. Judson.