Treaty with the Clatsop, 1851



Alternative Title

Treaty with the Clatsop, 1851

Articles of a treaty made and concluded at Tansey Point, on the Columbia River, near Clatsop Plains, this fifth day of August, eighteen hundred and fifty-0ne, between Anson Dart, superintendent of Indian affairs, Henry H. Spalding, Indian agent, and Josiah L. Parrish, Indian subagent, on the part of the United States, of the one part, and the undersigned, chiefs and headmen of the Clatsop tribe of Indians, of the other part.

ARTICLE 1. The said tribe of Indians cede to the United States the tract of land included within the following boundaries, viz: beginning at the western extremity of Point Adams, at the month of the Columbia River, and running thence southerly along the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the mouth of a certain stream south of what is called Tillamook Head, which stream is called by the Indians Yock-les-pah-ta; thence easterly up and along said stream to its source ; thence east to the summit of the coast range of mountains; thence northerly to the Swalla-lockas or Saddle Mountain; thence northwesterly to the headwaters of the Neetlo or Lewis and Clarke's River; thence down and along said river to Young's Bay; thence westerly along said bay and the southern shore of the Columbia River to the place of beginning; the above-described land being all that is claimed by the said tribe.

ART. 2. From the Cession aforesaid the following tract shall be reserved., to wit : all that piece or parcel of land described as follows, viz : beginning at a stake on the southern shore of the Columbia River, between Tansey Point and Point Adams, which stake is in the eastern boundary of the old Indian burying-ground, running thence southerly in a direct line to the northeast corner of William Hobson's claim; thence westerly, bounding on said Hobson's claim to the ocean; thence northerly along the ocean to Point Adams; thence easterly up and along the southern shore of the Columbia River to the place of beginning.

ART. 3. It is agreed between the United States and the said tribe, that the individuals of the said tribe shall be at liberty to occupy, as formerly, their fishing-grounds at the mouth of Neacoxsa Creek, whenever they wish to do so for the purpose of fishing; and it is further agreed that the individuals of said tribe shall be allowed to pass freely along the beach from and to their reservation between their fishing grounds and Point Adams, and allowed to pick up whales that may be cast away on the beach.

ART. 4. In consideration of the cession made in the foregoing articles of this treaty, the United States agree to pay to the said Clatsop tribe of Indians the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, in annual payments of fifteen hundred dollars each, to be made as follows, viz: two hundred dollars in money and the balance in the following articles, to wit, forty blankets, twenty woollen coats, twenty pairs pants, twenty vests, forty shirts, forty pair shoes, one hundred yards linsey plaid, two hundred yards calico prints, two hundred yards shirting, fifteen blanket shawls, two hundred pounds soap, two barrels salt, thirty bags flour, two hundred pounds of tobacco, two hundred pounds sugar, twenty pounds tea, two barrels molasses, two oxen or two horses, ten hoes, ten axes, six eight quart brass kettles, twenty-five knives, fifty cotton handkerchiefs, ten ten-quart tin pails, twenty six-quart pans, twenty five pint caps, and twenty caps; all of which are to be of good quality, and to be delivered each year at Tansey Point aforesaid, and distributed to the heads of families belonging to said tribe.

ART. 5. There shall be perpetual peace and friendship between all the citizens of the United States of America and all the individuals composing the said Clatsop tribe.

ART. 6. This treaty shall take effect and be obligatory on the contracting parties as soon as the same shall be ratified by the President of the United States, by and with the advice, and consent of the Senate thereof.

In testimony whereof the said Anson Dart, superintendent, and Henry H. Spalding, agent, and Josiah L. Parrish, subagent, aforesaid, and the chiefs and headmen of the Clatsop tribe of Indians, have hereunto set their hands and seals at the time and place first herein above written.




TOSTOM, his x mark. [SEAL.]
CATATA, his x mark. [SEAL.]
TWILTS, his x mark. [SEAL.]
TICKAHAH, his x mark. [SEAL.]
WASHINGTON, his x mark. [SEAL.]
WATTIKANI, his x mark. [SEAL.]
SKOTCHLICKIE, his x mark. [SEAL.]
DUNKLE, his x mark. [SEAL.]
WINA WOX, his x mark. [SEAL.]
HUL-LAH, his x mark. [SEAL.]
WAUCAKIE, his x mark. [SEAL.]

Signed, Sealed, and witnessed in the presence of—

Nicholas DuBoise,

W. W. Raymond,

R. Shorter,
Acting Sub-Agent.