Treaty with the Chickasaw, 1794




Treaty with the Chickasaw, 1794

United States Department of the Interior,
Office of Indian Affairs
Washington, July 10, 1939.

Charles J. Kappler, Esq.
Attorney at Law, Transportation Building,
Washington, D.C.

My Dear Mr. Kappler:

For your consideration in connection with your compilation, attention is invited to the Act of February 25, 1799 (1 Stat. 618), which after providing for certain appropriations mentioned "An agreement made and entered into with the chiefs of the Chickasaw nation, in Philadelphia, on the fifteenth July, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-four, to pay to the said nation goods to the amount of three thousand dollars annually:"

This agreement was mentioned in Volume 1, American State Papers, Indian Affairs, page 816. Without mentioning all the appropriation acts relating to this matter, it may be said that appropriations were made with more or less regularity until 1903. Attention is invited specifically to the Act of March 3, 1835 (4 Stat. 780-788), which contains the following: "To the Chickasaws, for the permanent annuity, as provided for by the Act of the twenty-fifth of February seventeen hundred and ninety-nine, three thousand dollars." (See 2 Kappler, 55.)

In subsequent acts, to and including that for the fiscal year 1901 (Act May 31, 1900, 31 Stat. 221-225), the authority appears to have been based upon the Act of 1799 instead of the Agreement of 1794. The Act of March 3, 1901 (31 Stat. 1058-1062), however, referred to the agreement and authorized and directed the Secretary of the Treasury to credit the Chickasaws on the books of the Treasury with the sum of $60,000 in commutation of the annuities" * * * as guaranteed to them by the treaty of July fifteenth, seventeen hundred and ninety-four." This agreement is referred to as a "certificate" in Article II of the Treaty of October 24, 1801 (7 Stat. 65; 2 Kappler, 55).

A diligent search of the records of this and the State Department, the Library of Congress, and such records as may be in Philadelphia, made in 1935, did not reveal this certificate, agreement, treaty, or whatever it was.

The above information is given for your consideration should you desire to refer to or comment upon the above Chickasaw matters in your compilation.

Sincerely yours,

J.M. Stewart,
Director of Lands.