Treaty with the Aub-be-naub-bee band of Potawatomi, 1834




Treaty with the Aub-be-naub-bee band of Potawatomi, 1834

Articles of a Treaty made and concluded at a Camp, on Tippecanoe River, in the State of Indiana, between William Marshall, Commissioner on the part of the United States and the Chiefs and headmen of Aub-be-naub-bee's band of Potawatomie Indians, on the Seventh day of December in the year Eighteen hundred and thirty four.

Art. 1st.

The aforesaid Chiefs and Headmen and their bands hereby cede to the United States the Thirty-Six Sections of Land reserved for them by the 2nd Article of the Treaty between the United States and the Potawatomi Indians on Tippecanoe River on the twenty sixth day of October, in the year Eighteen hundred and thirty- two.

Art. 2d.

From the cession aforesaid the following reservations are made, to wit:

For Pau-kov-shuck, Aub-be-naub-bee's son, Two Sections to include his village.
For Sen-nis-quah, Two Sections to include Aub-be-naub-bee's old sugar Camp, on said reserve.
For Kee-koas-quah, One Section, to include his wigwam.
For Mat-cho-quah, One Section, to include her wigwam.

The foregoing sections of Land, reserved as above, shall never be conveyed by either of the said persons, or their heirs, without the consent of the President of the United States, and it is also understood that this article may be expunged by the President or Senate of the United States, without affecting any other part of this treaty.

Art. 3d.

In consideration of the cession aforesaid, the United States stipulate to pay to the Chiefs and Headmen and their bands aforesaid, the sum of Four thousand dollars in Goods at the signing of this Treaty, and an annuity of One thousand dollars for Four years, and pay the debts of said band as specified in a Schedule, hereunto annexed, amounting to Sixteen hundred dollars, the receipt of which former sum of Four thousand dollars in Goods is hereby acknowledged.

Art. 4th.

This treaty shall be binding upon both parties from the date of its reception by the President & Senate of the United States.

In testimony whereof the said William Marshall Commissioner on the part of the United States, and the above Chiefs and Headmen for themselves and their bands have hereunto subscribed their names the day and year above written.

William Marshall

Pau-kov-shick, his x mark
Taw-waw-quah, his x mark
Quah-quash, his x mark
Nah-noosh-ke-ke-aw mother of Pah-net, her x mark
Oket-chee, his x mark
Si-nis-quah, his x mark
O-sauk-kay, his x mark
Pe-wauk-ke, his x mark
O-che-bo-ah-quah, his x mark
Met-taw-min, his x mark
We-wis-sah, his x mark
Pah-me-taw-que-shuck, his x mark
Nau-o-quah, his x mark
Sho-yan-no, his x mark
Me-naw-chee, his x mark
Mas-quaw, his x mark
Maw-no, his x mark
Sho-aw-kay, his x mark
Me-nauk-ko, his x mark
Nah-maw-prin, his x mark


J. B. Duret, Secretary
Jessee Vermilya
Joseph Barron, Interpreter

It is agreed that the United States will satisfy the claims mentioned in the following Schedule as provided for in the third article of the foregoing treaty—to wit:

To Moses Barnett, Two hundred dollars
To James Moore, Fifty dollars
To J. B. Duret, One hundred & fifty dollars
To Moses H. Scott, Two hundred dollars
To Joseph Truckey, One hundred dollars
To Cyrus Taber, Nine hundred dollars