Supplementary Treaty with the Miami, etc., 1809



Supplementary Treaty with the Miami, etc., 1809

Sept. 30, 1809. | 7 Stat., 115. | Proclamation Jan. 16, 1810.

A separate article entered into at Fort Wayne, on the thirtieth day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine, between William Henry Harrison, commissioner plenipotentiary of the United States for treating with the Indian tribes, and the Sachems and chief warriors of the Miami and Eel river tribes of Indians, which is to be considered as forming part of the treaty this day concluded between the United States and the said tribes, and their allies the Delawares and Putawatimies.

As the greater part of the lands ceded to the United States, by the treaty this day concluded, was the exclusive property of the Miami nation and guaranteed to them by the treaty of Grouseland, it is considered by the said commissioner just and reasonable that their request to be allowed some further and additional compensation should be complied with. It is therefore agreed that the United States shall deliver for their use, in the course of the next spring at Fort Wayne, domestic animals to the amount of five hundred dollars, and the like number for the two following years, and that an armoree shall be also maintained at Fort Wayne for the use of the Indians as heretofore. It is also agreed that if the Kickapoos confirm the ninth article of the treaty to which this is a supplement, the United States will allow to the Meamies a further permanent annuity of two hundred dollars, and to the Wea and Eel river tribes a further annuity of one hundred dollars each.

In testimony whereof, the said William Henry Harrison, and the sachems and war chiefs of the said tribes, have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals, the day and place abovementioned.

William Henry Harrison, [L. S.] Charley, an Eel River, his x mark, [L. S.] Miamis:
Pacan, his x mark, [L. S.] The Owl, his x mark, [L. S.]
Sheshauqouoquah, or Swallow, an Eel River, his x mark, [L. S.] Wafremanqua, or the Loon, his x mark, [L. S.]
The young Wyandot, a Miami, or Elk Hart, his x mark, [L. S.] Mushekeuoghqua, or the Little Turtle, his x mark, [L. S.]
Shywahbeanomo, his x mark, [L. S.] Silver Heels, his x mark, [L. S.]

In presence of—

Peter Jones, secretary to the Commissioner.

Joseph Barron,

A. Edwards,

William Wells,

John Shaw.