Armistice with the Miami, Potawatomi, Wyandot, Wea, Eel River Miami, Ottawa, and Chippewa, 1813




Armistice with the Miami, Potawatomi, Wyandot, Wea, Eel River Miami, Ottawa, and Chippewa, 1813

Terms of an Armistice entered into between William Henry Harrison Major General in the service of the United States and the Tribes of Indians called the Miamis, Potawatomies, Wyandots, Weas, Eel River Miamies, Ottaways, and Chippeways.


There shall be a suspension of hostilities between the United States and said Tribes from this day until the pleasure of the Government of the former shall be known. In the mean time the said Tribes may retire to their usual hunting grounds and there remain unmolested provided they behave themselves peacebly.


In the event of any murder or other depredation, being committed upon any of the citizens of the United States by any of the other Tribes of Indians, those who are parties to these presents, shall immediately unite their efforts to punish the offenders.


Hostages shall be given by said Tribes who shall be sent into the Settlements and there remain, until the termination of all the differences with the United States and said Tribes by a Council to be held for that purpose.


All the prisoners in the possession of said Tribes, shall be immediately brought to Fort Wayne or some other post, and delivered to the Commanding officer.

Done at Detroit this 14th day of October 1813 and of the Independence of the United States the thirty eighth.

In testimony whereof the said Major General and the Chiefs representing said Tribes here present, set their hands and affix their seals.

Wm. Henry Harrison


Lewis Cass,
Brig. Gen. Army U. S.

Wm. P. Anderson,
Col. 24th Reg. Inft.

John Miller,
Col. 19 Reg. Inft.

E. P. Gaines,
Adjt. General.

D. Trimble.
A. D. Camp to the Major General.

R. D. Richardson,
D. Com of Ordnance.

B. F. Stickney,
Indian Agent.

Robert Abbott,
French Interpreter.

William Conner,
Delaware Interpreter.

J. Bts. Chandonnae,
Potawatomie Interpreter.

Shawnee Interpreter.

Louis Beaufait,
Taway & Chipeway Interpreter.

John Walker,
Wyandot Interpreter.


Tobinibee his X mark
Magonago his X mark
Wagishgomet his X mark
Lamanpoch his X mark
Onocksa his X mark


Pocanna his X mark
Osage his X mark
Wonkema his X mark
Retonga his X mark or Charley Chief of the Eel River Miamis


Newa Shosa or Stone Eater his X mark
Papahongua or Lapousur his X mark


Chawkawbe his X mark
ShecohĐ° his X mark
Jean Bst. Rchville his X mark

Chippeways & Taways

Mash Ke Man his X mark
Tone Had Gone or The Dog his X mark
Otish Quoi Gonaim his X mark
O Tapon his X mark
Apagona his X mark
O Conongowsy his X mark
Waitaishoo Na Wa his X mark
Awasho Qui Juk his X mark
Kit Twa Wiotum his X mark
Kow Be Miscobeo his X mark
Wa-Gaw his X mark
Pash-Kiesh Quash Rom his X mark
O Gu-Bonawke his X mark
Pon-Ti-Ack queen of the Tawas and Ottoways her X mark
Kenosamia or Otter his X mark
Chepe or (?) his X mark
Poma Gwamo or Thunder his X mark


Mayar or Walk in the Water his X mark
Rosurahor or Armewas his X mark
Tahhon of Hoata his X mark
Orory Miah his X mark

A true copy C. S. Todd
Extra Aid de Camp.