Armistice with the Comanche, 1861




Armistice with the Comanche, 1861

The chiefs of the Comanches met this 13th day of May 1861 in council with the United States officers at Alamo Gordo, do each and all agree to comply with and carry out the following conditions, and also those compromised in the Treaty with the representatives of the Comanche nation made recently at Fort Wise for the sake of peace and on the condition that a more formal Treaty be made with us by the United States at the end of ninety days, we having in all respects conformed with the agreement up to that time:


We will discontinue all depredations upon the property and lives of the people of the United States of this Territory, of Kansas, of Texas and of all others entitled to the protection of the Government.


We will promptly punish any of our men who may do injury to the people or property of those entitled to the protection of the United States, and restore or make compensation for the same as far as possible.


We will leave the settlements, and when we desire to trade, or talk to the authorities, we will go to Fort Union, or to such place as shall be designated by the proper authorities.


We will not permit the mails or Trains to be molested by our people, and will keep our men away from those roads.

We will in all respects act in a friendly manner towards all the people entitled to the protection of the United States.

The officers present in Council do promise the chiefs that they will be met by the officers of the United States Government at the end of ninety days, at some place to be hereafter designated, for the purpose of making a Treaty of Peace.

J. L. Collins,
Supt. Ind. Affairs., N. M.

R.A. Wainwright, Capt. Ord.,
Representing Comd'r of Dept.

Pluma de Aguila,
Gua Gune,