Agreement with the Wyandot, 1831





Agreement with the Wyandot, 1831

The Chiefs of the Wyandott tribe of Indians, whose names are undersigned, do hereby enter into the following agreement with James B. Gardiner, Special Commissioner on the part of the United States.

On condition that a delegation of five persons be permitted to explore the country west of the Mississippi, designed for the permanent location of the Wyandotts, and these expenses borne by the United States, the undersigned Chiefs hereby pledge themselves that on the return of said delegation, if their report should prove favorable to the country examined therein they, the said Chiefs will enter into a treaty with the said Gardiner for a cession of the Wyandott lands in Ohio to the United States upon the following terms:

The United States to retain 70 cents per acre from the avails of said lands when sold, should the Wyandotts require 1/3 more land west of the Mississippi than they cede to the United States, but if they require no more than the quantity they cede, then only 62 1/2 cents on the acre will be deducted. The balance to go to the use of the Wyandotts.

The Wyandotts to be removed west of the Mississippi at the expense of the United States and to be subsisted by the Government one year after their arrival.

The Wyandotts to receive a new annuity, equal to their present annuity on their arrival at their new homes, whether the same shall or shall not have accrued from the sales of their lands at 5 percent on the capital.

They shall also receive presents in goods, farming utensils, guns &c to the amount of five thousand dollars.

The minor details of the treaty to be agreed on, as soon as the delegation returns.

Done at Upper Sandusky, and signed by the said Commissioner and the aforesaid Chiefs this the 19th day of October A.D. 1831.


James P. Gardiner

Wm. Walker, U. S. Interpreter
David Tipton, Subagent
Geo S. Clark
J. Rankin
Jacob Stowe
Chas B. Garrett

John Hicks
H. Jacquis

I hereby certify that the above is a true copy from the original; and that I, as Interpreter, did faithfully interpret and explain the same to the Chiefs before signing.

Wm. Walker, U. S. Interpreter