Agreement with the Crow, 1899




Agreement with the Crow, 1899

June 23, 1899

We, the undersigned adult male Indians of the Crow tribe, residing on the Crow Indian Reservation in the State of Montana, do hereby consent and agree that the Secretary of the Interior may, in his discretion, use the annuity money due or to become due said Indians to complete the system of irrigation ditches heretofore commenced on said Crow Reservation; and that the amount of the said annuity money to be so used shall be whatever sum that may be found necessary, in the judgment of the Secretary of the Interior, to fully complete the said ditches. It is also further agreed that the Secretary of the Interior may, in his discretion,pay the whole or any part of said annuity money so used from the grazing fund, or any other fund that may be available for said purpose belonging to the said Crow Indians: Provided , That in the construction and completion of said irrigation ditches no contract shall be awarded nor employment given to other than Crow Indians or whites intermarried with them, except where it is found necessary to employ professional skilled white labor.