Agreement with the Crow, 1885

Agreement with the Crow, 1885

We, the undersigned members of the Crow tribe of Indians, hereby agree for ourselves and our people to the following change in our treaty dated June 12, 1880, being for the segregation of a certain western portion of our reserve, viz:

That article, stipulating that the sum of $30,000 shall be paid to us annually for the period of twenty-five years, shall be stricken out so far as relates to the balance of the money due us, and in lieu thereof shall be inserted the following:

Second. That, for the purpose of providing funds to enable the Secretary of the Interior and Commissioner of Indian Affairs to make such permanent improvements as irrigating ditches, the building of houses for us, making roads and bridges, purchase of wire fencing, cooking and heating stoves, wagons and harness, farming implements and any such other articles as are necessary to enable us to establish ourselves upon our homesteads and for the purchase of additional subsistence when necessary, and also for the employment of such additional or irregular farmers as the honorable Secretary and the honorable Commissioner may authorize ( in excess of the $10,000 limited by law for the payment of employees at any one agency) for the purpose of instructing us in all matters pertaining to our occupation as farmers, &c., until the remainder of the $750,000 paid for the segregation of the western portion of our reserve shall be exhausted, in addition to the $30,000 already provided to be appropriated by the terms of the treaty of June 12, 1880, a further sum of $60,000 be appropriated annually, making a total appropriation annually of $90,000, until the remainder of the $750,000 stipulated by the aforesaid treaty to be paid to us shall be exhausted: Provided, That the appropriation of the sums mentioned in this supplementary agreement does not, of necessity, compel the expenditure of all of the money that may be appropriated from time to time, but only so much thereof as, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior and Commissioner of Indian Affairs, after careful scrutiny of the estimates upon which the several sums are proposed to be expended, shall appear necessary, and for the best interests of the Crows, and any sums appropriated and not expended during the fiscal year in which such appropriation was made shall stand to our credit in the Treasury of the United States, to be drawn upon for like purposes mentioned in this agreement as necessity occurs.

[Signed with cross-mark by the following named, and attested as below:]

Two People,
Bull Nose,
Takes Wrinkle,
Medicine Crow,
Young Curlew,
Fire Bear,
Little Whetstone,
Long Hair,
Bull that Knows,
Child in Mouth...

[Additional signers omitted.]

Crow Agency, Montana, February 26, 1885.

We certify on honor that we witnessed the signatures of each and every Indian named on this page.

C. H. Barstow,
Thos. E. Walker.