Agreement with the Crow, 1873

Agreement with the Crow, 1873

Articles of convention made and concluded on the sixteenth day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-three, at the Crow Agency, in the Territory of Montana, by and between Felix R. Brunot, E. Whittlesey, and James Wright, commissioners in behalf of the United States, and the chiefs, head-men, and men representing the tribe of Crow Indians, and constituting a majority of the adult male Indians belonging to said tribe.

Whereas a treaty was made and concluded at Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory, on the seventh day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, by and between commissioners on the part of the United States and the chiefs and head-men of and representing the Crow Indians, they being duly authorized to act in the premises;

And whereas by an act of Congress, approved March 3, 1873, it is provided, "That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized to negotiate with the chiefs and head-men of the Crow tribe of Indians in the Territory of Montana for the surrender of their reservation in said Territory, or of such part thereof as may be consistent with the welfare of said Indians: provided, that any such negotiation shall leave the remainder of said reservation in compact form, and in good locality for farming purposes, having within it a sufficiency of good land for farming, and a sufficiency for water and timber; and if there is upon said reservation a locality where fishing could be valuable to the Indians, to include the same if practicable; and the Secretary shall report his action, in pursuance of this act, to Congress at the next session thereof, for its confirmation or rejection."

And whereas in pursuance of said act of Congress commissioners were appointed by the Secretary of the Interior to conduct the negotiation therein contemplated:

The said commissioners on the part of the United States, and the chiefs, headmen, and men, constituting a majority of the adult males of the Crow tribe of Indians, in behalf of their tribe, do solemnly make and enter into the following agreement, subject to the confirmation or rejection of the Congress of the United States, at the next session thereof:


The United States agrees that the following district of country, to wit, commencing at a point on the Missouri River opposite to the mouth of Shankin Creek; thence up said creek to its head, and thence along the summit of the divide between the waters of Arrow and Judith Rivers and the waters entering the Missouri River, to a point opposite to the divide between the head-waters of the Judith River and the waters of the Muscle-Shell River; thence along said divide to the Snowy Mountains, and along the summit of said Snowy Mountains, in a northeasterly direction, to a point nearest to the divide between the waters which run easterly to the Muscle-Shell River and the waters running to the Judith River; thence northwardly along said divide to the divide between the head-waters of Arnell's Creek and the headwaters of Dog River, and along said divide to the Missouri River; thence up the middle of said river to the place of beginning, (the said boundaries being intended to include all the country drained by the Judith River, Arrow River, and Dog River,) shall be, and the same is, set apart for the absolute and undisturbed use and occupation of the Indians herein named, and for such other friendly tribes or individual Indians as, from time to time, they may be willing, with the consent of the United States, to admit among them. And the United States now solemnly agrees that no person except those herein designated and authorized so to do, and except such officers, agents, and employes of the Government as may be authorized to enter upon Indian reservations in discharge of duties enjoined by law, shall ever be permitted to pass over, settle upon, or reside in the territory described in this article for the use of said Indians; and the United States agrees to erect the agency and other buildings, and execute all the stipulations of the treaty of Fort Laramie, (the said stipulations being hereby re-affirmed,) within the limits herein described, in lieu of upon the south side of the Yellowstone River.


The United States agrees to set apart the sum of one million of dollars, and to hold the same in trust for the sole use and benefit of the Crow tribe of Indians, the principal to be held in perpetuity, and the interest thereof to be expended, or reinvested at the discretion of the President of the United States, annually, for the benefit of said tribe.


It is mutually agreed between the United States and the Crow Indians that the second article of the treaty made at Fort Laramie, between the commissioners of the United States and the Crow tribe of Indians be, and the same is, abrogated by this agreement; and the said Indians hereby cede to the United States all their right, title, and claim to the tract of country described in the said second article, to wit: "Commencing where the 107th degree of longitude west of Greenwich crosses the south boundary of Montana Territory; thence north along said 107th meridian to the mid-channel of the Yellowstone River; thence up said mid-channel of the Yellowstone to the point where it crosses the said southern boundary of Montana, being the 45th degree of north latitude; and thence east along said parallel of latitude to the place of beginning," and which is conveyed to them therein, except the right to hunt upon said lands so long as they may remain unoccupied, and as game may be found thereon and peace continues between the whites and Indians.


The United States agrees to suppress, so far as possible, by the imposition of pains and penalties, the practice of wolfing, or killing game by means of poison, within the limits of the following district of country, viz : Beginning at the mouth of the Muscle-Shell River; thence up the said river to the North Fork, and up the North Fork to its source; thence northward along the summit of the Little Belt and Highwood Mountains to the head of Deep Creek; thence down said creek to the Missouri River, and along the margin of said river to the place of beginning.

It is expressly understood between the commissioners and the Indians, parties hereto, that this agreement is subject to the ratification or rejection of the Congress of the United States at its next session, and that, pending the action of Congress, the United States shall prevent all further encroachments upon the present reservation of the Crow tribe.

Felix R. Brunot,
E. Whittlesey,
James S. Wright,
Commissioners in behalf of the United States


Thomas K. Cree, Secretary.

Pierre Shane (his x mark),
Mitch Boyer (his x mark),

Iron Bull, Che-ve-te-pu-ma-ta.
Black Foot, Kam-ne-but-se.
Long Horse, E-che-te-hats-ke.
Show-His-Face, In-tee-us.
Bear Wolf, Isa-auchbe-te-se.
Thin Belly, Ella-causs-se.
Good Heart, Uss-pit-ta-watse.
Old Onion, Mit-hu-a.
Red Sides, Si-ta-pa-ruse.
Crazy Head, A-su-ma-ratz.
Bull Chief, Ise-la-mats-etts.
Shot-in-the-Jaw, Esa-woor.
Lone Tree, Money-a-mut-eats.
In-the-Morning, A-a-Seitz.
Boy-That-Grabs, Seeateots.
White Forehead, E-seha-ehire.
Small Waist, E-hene-pea-carts.
Flat Side, Oos-tsoo-ch-seots.
Old Dog, Bis-ca-carriers.
The Nest, Ish-shis-she-ess.
Crazy-Sister-in-Law, Ou-at-ma-ra-sach.
The Spider-That-Creeps, Ah-spe-di-ess.
Crazy Pon de Oral, Minne-hu-ma-ra-ehac.
Bull-Goes-a-Hunting, Ce-da-nu-ta-cass.
Crane-in-the-Sky, A pil-Mouse.
Coon-Elk, Chin-ka-she-araehe.
The Old Crow, Perits-har-sts.
White Otter, Ma-pu-ku-he-te-te-suish.
Long-Snake, Bi-ka-che-hats-ki.
White Mouth, Te-de-sil-se.
Pock Mark, Te-spu-ke-he-te.
The White Bull, Te-shu-net.
The No Hand, Te-si-closst-so ish.
The Little Antelope, Uk-ha-nak-ish.
Curley, Ash-ish-ish-e.
The Ridge, E. Nak-he-sash.
Big Horse, Te-le-si-cle-is-ash.
Calf in the Mouth, Nak-pak-a-e.
Old Mountain Tail, A-mak-ha-vissish.
Bear in the Water, Me-mum-ak-hiss-is-e-ish.
One Feather, Mash-u-a-mo-te.
The Mix, Ma-ish-ish.
Bell Rock, Mit-a-wosh.
New Lodge, As-hi-hash.
The Rings, She-da-nat-sik.
Well Bull, Te-si-do-po mo.
The Shaven, Bish-i-ish.
The One Who Hunts His Debt, Ash-e-te-si-Oish.
One Who Hears Good, Ma-in-ke-ku-te-sit sine.
The Burnt, Osh-Nish.
Bear Robe, Ach-je-it-se-is.
The River, A-ash-ish.
Big Forehead, Ak-hi-es-ash.
The One Who Knows the Bull, Te-se-do-pe-e-a-te-sa.
Big Kettle, Bi-re-ke-hi-tash.
Chief Wolf, No-it-a-ma-te-sets.
The Leg, Te-tu-se-pe.
The Man Who Sits in the Middle of the Ground, A-ive-ku-a-ta-mish.
Blinkey, Bish-te-ha-mo-te-te.
One Who Sees All Over the Land, A-we-ko-to-e-ka.
Bull All the Time, Te-si-doss-ko-te-so-te.
Plenty of Bear, A-che-pil-se-a-hush.
Rides Behind a Man on Horseback, Ma-me-ri-ke-ish.
Bird of the Ground, Ma-pe-she-ri.
Charge Through the Camp, Ash-e-ri-i-a-was-sash.
The Old Bear, Ak-hi-pit-se-u-ke-hi-ke-ish.
Crazy Wolf, Te-se-te-man-ache.
The Plume, Te-se-do-pie-shu-she-ish.
Old Alligator, Bo-ru-ke-he-sa-cha-ri-ish.
Bob-Tail Bear, Ak-hi-pilse-u-ke-hi-ke-ish.
Pole Cat Look Behind, Te-spit-te-sash.
Wolf Bow, Te-sets-sha-tak-he.
Tie Sioux That Runs Fast, Ak-man-ash-u-pe-yeu-hu-she.
Little Soldier.
Bull Rock.
Three Wolf.
The One Who Hunts His Enemy.
Pretty Lodge.
Stray Horse.
Herd the Horses.

We, the undersigned, were present at and witnessed the assent of the Crow chiefs, head men, and men of the Crow tribe of Indians, whose names are attached thereto.

Thomas K. Cree,
Secretary Special Crow Commission.

C. W. Hoffman,
R. W. Cross,
I. M. Castner,
F. Giesdorf,

F. D. Pease,
Agent for Crow Indians.

The undersigned were present at the council with the Crow Indians, and witnessed the proceedings. The agreement was carefully explained and was fully understood and assented to by the Indians.

Geo. L. Tyler,
Captain, 2nd U. S. Cavalry.

Charles F. Roe,
Lieut., 2nd U. S. Cavalry.

We, the undersigned members of the Crow tribe of Indians, were not at the agency at the time of the council, but after having the articles of convention fully explained to us, do hereby give our assent to the same:

The Deaf.
Boy Chief, Taboo.
Crooked Face.
The Buffalo.
Little Face.
Bad Snow.
Split Ear.
Old Cloud.
Small Boy.
Yellow Fender.
White Bull.
The Swan.
The Sergeant.
Pretty Side.
The Blind.
Yellow Bull.
Chief Bull.
Sharp Nose.
The Bravo.
Crooked Nose.
Eats a Horse.
The Coat.
Medicine Chicken.
Bear from Below.
Long Hour.
The Hair.
Crow Head.
The Weasel.
Arm in His Neck.
Two Tails.
Small Bear.
Pounded Meat.
White Otter.
Sister to Crazy.
School Teacher.
The Dumb.
White Calf.
The Pipe.
Bull on Top of the Mountain.
Yellow Horse.
Tiger Woman.
Big Pond.
Iron Neck.
The Magpie.
Medicine Rock.
Pretty Bird.
The Shell.
The Gooseberry.
Splendid Leg.
Musk Rat.
White Head.
Shoots Well.
Old Saddle.
Young One in the Mouth.
The River Bull Woman.
Sitting Weasel.
Good Beard.
Pretty Robe.
Little Whetstone.
Four Chiefs.
Otter That Knows.
Sharp Blade Sword.
Bird Woman.
The Deer.
Old Blackbird Cloudy Forehead.
White Dog.
The Knife.
Pretty Gun.
Black Face.
Plenty Head Gear.
Long Fingers.
Two Lances.
Blind Horse.
Small Bull.
Flying Eagle.
The Black Bird.
Calf Woman.
Fat Elk.
Pretty Bull.
Green Meadow.
Black Dog.
Old Kettle.
The Winking Eye.
Burnt Arm.
Young Horse.
Buffalo Calf.
Sewed Side.
Brown Beaver.
Pretty Prisoner.
Small Pony.
Kill the Chief.
Tall Pine.
Plenty Elkhorses.
Diving Otter.
Friendly Beaver.
Iron Necklace.
Jack Sheppard.
Small Wolf.
The Throat.
Gray Head.
Flat Back.
Yellow Head.
Black Foot's Son.
Pretty Eagle.
The Red.
No Heart.
The Twin.
Red Beard.
Yellow Top.
Blue Moccasin.
Young Wolf.
Plenty Head.
No Hand.
Little Wolf.
The Otter.
Rotten Tail.
Show His Face.
Red Fox.
Dirty Head.
The Onion.
Takes the Shield.
Half Yellow Face.
Two Hours.
Dog Eye.
The Blind Bull.
Afraid-of-His Eyes.
White Swan.
Little Son.
White Swan.
Yellow Tobacco.

We, the undersigned members of the Crow Tribe of Indians, who were at the agency during the sitting of the council, but were not present when the articles of convention were assented to, hereby give our assent to them.

Bad Hand, Blue Leggings.
Bear Head.
Black Head.
Ugly Face.
Back Bone.
Poor Elk.
The Panther.
Sitting Bull.
Old Tiger.
Little Iron.
The Island.
Fish Catcher.
Old Man.
Horse Guard.
Picket Pin.
Scabbed Bull.
Old Tobacco.
The Chicken.
Crazy Head.
The Tail.
Iron Feather.
Long Neck.
Red Fox.
Spotted Tail.
Bird in the Neck.
Yellow Top.
The Buffalo.
Crane in the Sky.
Medicine Rock.
Big Nose.
Crooked Eye.
Yellow Leggings.
Pretty Bear.
Mountain Pocket.
Old Liar.
Old Cloud.
Kills Quick.
Old Kettle.
Smart Boy, Great Hunter.
Red Face.


Pierre Shane, Interpreter (his + mark).