Agreement with the Chief Joseph Band of Nez Perces, 1879




Agreement with the Chief Joseph Band of Nez Perces, 1879

The undersigned, First and Second Principal Chiefs of that portion of the Nez Perce Indians known as "Joseph's Band," acting for and in behalf of that band, do hereby propose to cede and relinquish to the United States all right, title, and interest in and to any and all lands now, or heretofore, claimed by said band in the Territory of Idaho, or elsewhere, upon the following terms, to wit: In consideration of such proposed cession and relinquishment a body of land equal in area to four full townships shall be set apart, in the Indian Territory, as a permanent home for said band, the same to be selected for them by the Secretary of the Interior, out of the best agricultural lands in said Territory which may be available and suitable for that purpose, to be purchased for them by the United States Government out of its own funds, and a title therefor to be granted to said Indians equivalent in legal force and effect toi that of the tribe from which it may be acquired, and in addition thereto, the sum of $250,000 shall be invested in bonds of the United States bearing interest at the rate of four per cent per annum, as a permanent fund for the common benefit of all the members of said band, the interest arising therefrom to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, one half in money and the remainder in such manner as, in his judgement, will best promote their interests. It is also expected and expressed as part of the terms upon which said cession and relinquishment is proposed to be made, that the price of the lands to be purchased as aforesaid, and the expenses of the removal of said band to the new reservation to be provided as above, shall be paid by the United States Government without any right or claim to reimbursement at any time, out of the funds or property of said band.

Young Joseph [SEAL]
Yellonce Yellon [SEAL]


A. I. Chapman


H. N. Auturo
A. F. Gentes
R. W. Roberts