Agreement with the Arapaho and Cheyenne, 1863




Agreement with the Arapaho and Cheyenne, 1863

We, the undersigned, chiefs and principal men of the Cheyenne and Arrapahoe Indians of the Upper Platte agency, agree that we will abide by any treaty that has been or may be made by our people with the United States, as we have due notice of the pending treaty by our agent, John Loree; and in consideration of the above agreement, we have our annuities distributed to us. All above has been duly explained, and in witness thereof we append our signatures or marks.


Black Bear, his mark x
Roman Nose, his mark x
Friday, his mark x


Spotted Horse, his mark x
Shield, his mark x


Samuel Smith, Clerk.
James Bordean.

We, the interpreters of the Upper Platte agency, for the Sioux, Cheyennes, and Arapahoes, certify that the above was fully explained, and that they have made their signatures or marks in our presence.

Jacob Hennan,
Cheyenne and Arapahoe Interpreter.

Seproy Jott,
Sioux Interpreter.

August 19, 1863.

I, John Loree, United States Indian agent for the Upper Platte agency, and commissioner to treat with the Arapahoe and Cheyenne Indians of said agency, do hereby certify, that upon a full explanation of the nature of my instructions, not to deliver their annuity goods to them until after the time appointed for the council with them, being made to the chiefs and headmen, whose names are hereto appended, they made this agreement to abide by the treaty of Fort Wise and any modifications thereof, or new treaty, that, that might m\be made at the council appointed for the 1st day of September, instant, on behalf of their respective bands, and by their authority.

John Loree,
United States Indian Agent.
Upper Platte Agency, August 19, 1863.