About the Project

In the mid-1990s when library digitization projects were in their infancy, the Oklahoma State University Libraries started an ambitious project to scan 150 pages from Volume II of "Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties". This initial work was funded with a small grant from Amigos Library Services. Over time, the project expanded to include the remainder of Volume II and Volumes I and III, thanks to funding from the Coca-Cola Foundation. In 2001, support from the Angie Debo estate led to the completion of this scanning project as Volumes IV-VII were digitized and made available online.

The original "Indian Affairs Laws and Treaties" website included thousands of HTML pages, which became unsustainable due to technological changes. Content migrated to various systems, yet usability was always a concern. In August 2021, work began on the Tribal Treaties Database to improve access to the treaties in Volume II. It expanded to include treaties, agreements, and documents beyond Charles J. Kappler's edited work. With support from the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States Department of Interior, and the United States Department of Defense Legacy Program, the OSU Libraries are committed to updating and improving this resource for the long term.

Tribal treaties continue to be a source of study for many, and we hope you find value in exploring the complexities of these documents through this portal.